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Write about your day. the questions will help you . 1)when do you get up in the morning? 2) do you brush your teeth every dey? 3) when do you have breakfast? 4) when do you go to school? 5) do you have lunch in the school or at home? 6) when do you come home from school? 7) do you have a rest after school? 8) when do you do your lessons? 9) when do you have dinner? 10) when do you in the evening? 11) when do you go to bed?

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    In the morning i get up at eight oclock.2.Yes i brush my teeth every day.3.I have breakfast  at ten oclock.4.I go to sckool at nine oclock.5.Yes i have lunch in the school.6.I come home at two oclock.7Yes, i have.8.I do my lessons at five oclock.9I have dinner at seven oclock .10. i do my lessons.11.I go to bed at ten oclock.

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