Вопрос от prestidigitation по предмету Английский язык 27.10.2020:

When you … in this city again? — In a month.
a) arrive c) have you arrived b) arrived d) will you arrive
3. Every time that I miss the bus, it means that I … walk to work.
a) has to c) had to b) have to d) could
4. Every time when I missed the bus, I … to return home late.
a) must c) can b) had d) may
5. That was great! It was … meal you have ever cooked.
a) good c) best b) better d) the best
6. This exhibition is … interesting than the previous one.
a) little c) least b) less d) the least
7. We saw … good film last night. The film was about the love of a girl to her cat and dog.
a) a c) — b)the d) an
8. Everybody agrees that … happiness is very important in the life of people.
a) — с) а b) the d) many
9. In the past people lived in … harmony with the environment.
a) a c) the b) an d) —
10. When they arrived … the station, they rushed to the platform not to miss the train.
a)to c)in b) at d) for


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