Вопрос от burdock по предмету Английский язык 18.01.2021:

Составьте предложения:
to listen to;
to be proud of;
to be tired of;
to be famous for;
to be rich in;
to be afraid of;
to be interested in;
to cut down;
to find out;
to give up.

  1. crucifier Ответил: crucifier


    I like listening to music.
    I am proud of my country.
    She is tired of housework.
    Australia is famous for Kangaroo.
    Russia/Belarus is rich in forests.
    Bill is afraid of spiders.
    Many pupils are interested in Art.
    You should cut down on sweets, if you want to be helthier.
    The teacher tried to find out the reason for his retardation.
    Leo decided to give up smoking.

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