Вопрос от heard по предмету Английский язык 26.11.2020:

Поставьте глаголы в нужную форму!!!! СРОЧНО!!!!!!
1)You______ stylish,if you ______ this blouse with frills and lace.(look/put on)
2)If i______ my mum to by this coat ,she ______never ______it.(ask/do)
3)I ______ school ,if there ______ a school uniform there/(not attend/be)
4)If i ______ a lot of many , i______ this leatherjacket for the school perty to come.( have/buy)
5)My dad ______ me similar souvenir, if he ______ on a business trip to Britan this year(brind/go)
6)if the shoes ______ not so expensive my parents______ me to duy them(dring/go)


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