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Помогите,очень надо пожалуйста,спаситееееее…подставте слова в скобках past simple/past continuos/past perfect/present simple/future simple
Before I (visit) Australia, an Australian friend in London (tell) me that I (learn) the Australian salute there. Whats that? I (ask). You (find out) when you (get) there, he (say). I (arrive) in Sydney 2 weeks after my talk with the friend and (stay) at a nice hotel near a beautiful beach. I never (visit) Australia before and I (enjoy) my stay immensely. I (swim) every day and die) in the sun. One day an Australian friend (suggest) a tour into the bush* . I (agree) at once. The first thing I (notice) when we (be) in the bush (be) the flies. After a while I (remember) the conversation I (have) in London before I (come) there. Whats the Australian salute? I (ask) suddenly, as I (wave) my right arm to keep the flies away. «Thats it!» my friend (say), as he (wave) back!

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    Had visited, told, would learn, asked, will find it, get, said, arrived, stayed, had never visited, enjoyed, swam, died, suggested, agreed, noticed, were, was remembered, had, had come, asked waved, said, waved

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