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Помогите пожалуйста. Сочинение о первом дне в школе на онглийском. девочка. саша. помогите пожалуйста

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    На английском языкеПеревод на русский языкFirst Day At SchoolПервый день в школеSome years have already passed but I still remember my first day at school. How happy and proud I was when my parents told me that I’m going to school, I felt like I was a grown-up person then. I wasn’t nervous, but excited. My first day at school was quite interesting for me, it was full of discoveries.
    I woke up early in the morning, my mother put a nice suit on me, gave me a lunch box with sandwiches and we went to school with my whole family: me, my mother, father and my younger sister. While we were approaching the big building with a lot of people around I felt a little nervous – I didn’t know anyone there. Everyone was looking so nice: boys were wearing suits and girls were all in dresses and skirts. Every pupil had a bunch of flowers to give it to their first teacher.
    After some minutes we entered the school and walked along the corridor, and then we entered the classroom with about 25 people inside. I took a seat at the desk and my parents and the parents of other pupils were standing along the wall looking at us with pride and taking pictures. Then I heard a loud noise – our first bell. A tall woman with fair hair was standing in front of us, she asked us to stand up and then when everyone was quite she let us sit on the chairs. She was smiling and looked quite kind. She told us about herself and our plans for the year. Then we walked around the school and she showed us the classrooms, canteen, laboratory and playground outside.
    I have very good memories about my first day at school and I think I will remember it forever

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