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Переделайте предложения в косвенную речь.
1)Lusy asked " What are you looking for Granny" ?
2)Robert asked" Who won the game" ?
3)Teachers asked " What can I do for you?"
4)Jane asked " It it you book" ?
5)Anna asked " Will you give me a telegram" ?
6)Mum asked " Did you buy bread" ?
7)Teacher asked " Have you done the test" ?

  1. disrespect Ответил: disrespect


    1.Lucy asked why I was looking for Granny.
    2.Robert asked who had won the game.
    3.Teacher asked what he could do for me.
    4Jane asked if it was my book.
    5.Anna asked if I would give her a telegram.
    6.Mum asked if I had bout bread.
    7.Teacher asked if I had done the test.

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