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Написать письмо для моего другу по английскому языку

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    Hello, dear friend!
    I write to you, as agreed. Sorry it took so long I was gathering my thoughts, there was no time. And the news is interesting not so much. I wanted to tell you something unusual, exciting, so writing letters was postponed and postponed. But as time goes by, and you probably are waiting for word from me, I will tell you about their daily lives.
    At school things are going well, we can say excellent. If last year had problems with physics and chemistry, I managed to significantly improve their grades. I try to do more on their own – read, solve puzzles, sometimes watching educational programs and movies. When you dont understand something, ask the older brother to explain and listen carefully.The most interesting thing that I began to really like these items that previously seemed boring and difficult. Its great. Relationships in class are great. Teachers often praise us because we are friendly and put in another example. At all school events we showed itself from its best side. Especially memorable new years eve masquerade ball. All of our guys agreed not to buy the costumes and sew them yourself, all the more fun and once it is clear who and how much effort is spent on creating attire. Was a very unusual and colorful. I send you some photos, hope they will be able to convey the atmosphere of celebration.House too all is quiet. Parents are thinking to make repairs in the living room. In the evenings we discuss and how we decorate floors and walls. Looking at online samples of Wallpaper, paint and floor coverings. Sometimes even argue.
    There you have it, the more I write nothing. And how are you? Hows your health? Hows the studying going? I am very interested. Looking forward to the response letter with all the details!

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