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Make up sentences from the worlds.
1. Will, keep, the woman, next, to a diet, month.
2. In a year, shant, go, on a journey, we.
3. Your, Granny, cook, your favourite dish, will, tomorrow.
4. Discuss, next week, it, shall, we.
5. From, his sister, in, will, two days, translate, this text, Italian, into French.
6. Will, tomorrow, you, these, magazines, look through.
7. Play, the children, wont, snowballs, tomorrow morning.
8. Get off, will, at the next stop, the bus, you.
9. Go, during the, next, shall, to the circus, we, spring holidays.
10. Visit, in a week, we, our Granny, shall.
11. Sue, tomorrow, will, give a call, to her friend, from New York.
12. Move, in, into, the Browns, will, a new house, two weeks.
13. Will, for lunch, eat, they, tomorrow, ice cream.
14. At the theatre, shall, folk music, we, listen, to the, tomorrow evening.
15.Will, a ticket, he, buy, tomorrow, for a play.
16.Begin, at 8.30, will, the lessons, tomorrow morning.
17. To read, Molly, bring, at interesting novel, will, next week.

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    1 the women will keep to a diet next month
    2 we shant go on a journey in a year
    3 your granny will cook your favorite dish tomorrow
    4 we shall discuss it next week
    5 his sister will translate this text from Italian into French in two days
    6 you will look through these magazines tomorrow
    7 the children wont play snowballs tomorrow morning
    8 you will get off the bus at the next stop
    9 we shall go to the circus during the spring holiday
    10 we shall visit your granny in a week
    11 Sue will give a call to her friend from New York
    12 the Browna will move into a new house in two week
    13 they will eat ice cream for lunch
    14 we shall listen to the folk music at the theater tomorrow evening
    15 he will buy a ticket for a play tomorrow
    16 the lessons will begin at 8.30 tomorrow morning
    17 Molly will bring to read at interesting novel next week

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