Вопрос по предмету Английский язык 21.12.2020:

Complete the sentences. Use the words in parentheses. 1. (This. these) _______ books belong to me. (That, those) ________ book belongs to Kate. 2. (This, these) _______ coat is black. (That, those) _______ coats are tan. 3. (This, these) ______earrings are gold. (That, those) ______ earrings are silver. 4. (This, these) ________ pencil belongs to Alex. (That, those) ______ pencil belongs to Alice. 5. (This, these) ______ sunglasses belong to me. (That, those) ______sunglasses belong to you. 6. (This, these) ______ exercise is easy. (That, those) _______exercises are hard. 7. Students are sitting at (this, these) ______ desks, but (that, those) _____ desks are empty. 8. (This, these) _______ book is on my desk. (That, those) ______ books are on your desk.

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